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Adrian Hawkins at the Gala Diner.

The biz4Biz Hertfordshire Business Awards will be returning for their sixth year. These Awards are impartial, independent and open to Hertfordshire-based businesses.

The biz4Biz Awards is recognised as the best business awards programme in Hertfordshire as it brings together the highest number of nominees from across the county and provides physical judging. Winning a biz4Biz Award is coveted and award winners continue to expand their businesses and extend their economic contribution to the greater success of Hertfordshire.

There are many excellent award schemes but none have such a high level of support and engagement, or attract the volume of nominations from across the county and all business sectors. Our 2023 Awards programme was a great success and set a record for the number of nominations, votes and engagement in the press and on social media.

Entry and participation are completely free of charge.

Adrian Hawkins OBE
Chairman, biz4Biz

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