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Sporting Futures Training UK Ltd

About the company

We are an innovative, dynamic team of experienced Teachers, Subject Leaders, work-based Learning Assessors and through our association with the national PE and School Sports networks we have access to a team of highly experienced PE and School Sport Specific Assessors, IQA’s and Tutors.

We are driven by a desire to create opportunities and raise aspirations for all individuals.

This ethos of Sporting Futures Training is at the heart of our delivery and through a naturally evolving programme, our focus continues to be on offering life experience that will allow for our learners to aim high in both life and work.

We value and excel with regards to innovative delivery and we continue to develop successful programs involving the new standards that work exceptionally well within school settings.

Recent years has also led us to diversify and take our unique models of delivery into both Community and Corporate settings with great success.

Working with Apprenticeship Standards to develop your school/work setting is an exciting opportunity and we would be willing to meet with schools/work settings to discuss how best to utilise the Apprenticeship Reforms and Levy to maximise the benefits for your whole school/work setting.


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