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Redway HR

About the company

Our award winning business provides a broad range of operational and strategic HR solutions to help organisations grow, change and thrive.

We are here to guide you through your 'people needs'​, whether it be a one-off project or a regular number of hours per month. We recognise that a start-up business will have a differing need (and budget) to a more established company, and cater to both ends of the market.

Through a personal and pragmatic approach, we’re proud to help shape and grow our clients'​ businesses. We ensure compliance and good practice while keeping in mind your company's vision and ethos.

​Current clients range from start-ups to established businesses. We support both corporate and not for profit organisations, including schools and care homes. We work flexibly to suit your needs and your budget, with a keen eye on your businesses aims.


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Best Technology Services Provider
Business Resilience Award
Best Family Business
Large Business of the Year (>£3m)
Best Marketing Services Provider
Best Employment Services Provider
Best Small Business Award
SME Business of the Year (<£3m)
New Business of the Year
Best Legal, Accountancy and Financial Services Provider
Best Apprenticeship
Made in Herts
Business Services of the Year
Covid Hero Award
Best Sustainability & ESG Award
Best Corporate Social Responsibility
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