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Pearce Recycling Co Ltd

About the company

We are a family-owned business that has been established in the recycling industry since 1869. Now a leading integrated service provider, we offer an extensive range of recycling services, solutions and equipment that are tailored to suit your recycling needs.

We have the environment at heart and are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that make recycling easier and more efficient for you.

Our comprehensive range of sustainable and responsible recycling services include waste compaction equipment, storage containment and bespoke collection services for all recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metals, and wood.


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Best Technology Services Provider
Business Resilience Award
Best Family Business
Large Business of the Year (>£3m)
Best Marketing Services Provider
Best Employment Services Provider
Best Small Business Award
SME Business of the Year (<£3m)
New Business of the Year
Best Legal, Accountancy and Financial Services Provider
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Made in Herts
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Covid Hero Award
Best Sustainability & ESG Award
Best Corporate Social Responsibility
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Contact details

Pearce House
Acrewood Way
St Albans


0800 083 3333


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