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Mama Bamboo

About the company

Award-winning bamboo eco-friendly nappies and 100% compostable baby wipes. Winner, 2020 Mother & Baby Award for Best Performance Nappy Range. Bamboo is softer and more sustainable than cotton and protect's baby against nappy rash.

We are the first European nappy company to achieve B-Corp status. A B-Corp business is one that meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B-Corps don’t just care about profit – they care about the planet and everyone on the planet too... and we're thrilled to say we passed the test!

Plus, we’re a Platinum Friend of the ‘Bamboo Village’ in Uganda. Here, we’re able to create and support local jobs within the bamboo plantation and community business village – a great way to boost the local community & oversee future achievements! Through this partnership, we have afforested an area of Uganda, meaning enhanced soil consistency, fertility and improving the ability for locals to plant small sustenance farms every day. Meaning that the community can become more self-sufficient. It’s a win, win!

Bamboo grows without gallons of irrigation, unlike cotton. Plus, the bamboo plant doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides, or fertilisers to grow. By using Bamboo as the core component for our products we ensure that we're using a plant with low water consumption, low needs for pesticides and sustainable certifications. So, when we say #BambooIsBest, it's not just for your baby it's for the environment too.

Don’t forget, we’re the ONLY company to use 100% compostable packaging. We can proudly say that we have developed & launched 80% compostable products and switched to 100% home compostable packaging. We’re #ProPlanet through and through!

Lastly, we launched the #NappyRevolution campaign, where we called on DEFRA to change the way councils handle nappy and wipe waste, because frankly, there needed to be a change (and fast!).

We also supported Home Start & Porch Box with nappy donations for underprivileged families here in the UK. A total of £8000 worth of nappies had been donated in 2020, and we couldn’t have been happier to play our part in such an important scheme.


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