John O'Conner (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd

About the company

Founded in 1969, John O’Conner is a privately owned grounds maintenance company that keeps people at its heart. We are dedicated to the continuous development of each and every employee, and that commitment is reflected by the high-quality services we deliver to our clients.

Operating throughout the UK, we provide extensive grounds maintenance and landscaping services to both public and private sectors.

Our talented landscapers always have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of structured vocational courses, training programmes, support and guidance to help them develop their skills even further. And as founding members of the National Contractor’s Forum – dedicated to addressing the skills gap in our industry – we have further demonstrated our devotion to the growth and continuous improvement of our employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At John O’Conner, we are fully aware of our social responsibilities. We have adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that states our commitment to social justice and how our business practices positively influence employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.


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