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The story behind how @Bambuu® and how our bamboo toothbrushes were created plays a huge role and how we work hard to run as a business and strive to achieve the goals and targets we set to combat plastic pollution.

From our years of living and working around the world and witnessing first hand, the impacts plastic pollution is having on our planet to drive our passion to combat plastic pollution, to experiencing the generosity of people all around the world in developing countries in which created the motivation and impetus for us to run our company with a huge aspect to give back to those who are vulnerable.

All of these elements are crucially important to @Bambuu® and to ourselves as Founders in making real positive impacts to our planet. Once looking into more specifics facts about major polluters of plastic in our oceans and a product in which is a simple change in a household, it was clear that a sustainable toothbrush was the perfect product.

At @Bambuu®, we are not expecting to be able to change the world and the plastic problem overnight... but we can make a start. With 4.2 billion people brushing their teeth every morning and night with a plastic toothbrush, we have a chance to make a significant impact on plastic production if we work together. If we can educate, inspire and empower someone to make one simple change away from a plastic toothbrush to an @Bambuu® and start and end their day in a sustainable way, who knows the next environmentally friendly decision that person will make next.

Maybe that person will the swap to a reusable water bottle, or a reusable coffee cup, begin to cycle to work, bring their own tubberware containers for lunch or then decide to eat less meat. Each of these adds up on a global scale and by changing a small percentage of our population’s habits and encouraging people to make a small change could, in turn, have a much bigger impact on our future planet.


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